YAMAY Smartwatch 2019 review – IP68, Fitness Tracker, Pedometer, Heart Rate Monitor & Sleep Tracker

YAMAY Smartwatch 2019 review – IP68, Fitness Tracker, Pedometer, Heart Rate Monitor & Sleep Tracker

This is the new classy smartwatch from YAMAY for Android and iOS Phones. The new 2019 version is a great lightweight multifunctional smartwatch, with IP68 certificate. The watch will look really great on your wrist. The band is a soft, comfortable, flexible rubber material, the case housing is from durable aluminium, and the screen is very clear and bright. The battery can last weeks, even when paired with your smartphone and sending and receiving multiple alerts and texts throughout the day. The screen is bright enough to be seen well, with three brightness settings.

Price and specifications

YAMAY Smartwatch 2019
Price $46.74 – 53.99 (at the time of writing)
Screen 1,3″ LCD color screen
Sensors Heart rate monitor, Fitness tracker, Sleep tracker
Connectivity GPS through mobile phone
Batteryup to 30 days (6-7 in our experience)
Dimensions 5.1 x 3.7 x 2.1 inches
Weight 6.4 ounces (includes packaging)
Certificates IP68, dust and waterproof
Strap5.7 inch to 9.2 inch
Colors Black, Blue, Red
Supports iOS 8.0, Android 4.4 and higher

The watch is loaded with features that help you keep a track of your vital parameters like heart rate monitor, steps counter, calories burnt, etc. so you can keep a tab on all your health and fitness needs. It has an easy and intuitive interface and an appropriately named application – VeryFitPro – that is loaded with features. You can customise the settings in the app as per your liking. As mentioned above it is dust- and waterproof, stylish, and has a comfortable strap for large and small wrists. The display is big and bright enough to be viewed in daylight. The watch has the features and looks of an expensive watch and is a great accessory to track your fitness needs.

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Build quality & features

Starting with the build, this gadget is really strong and feels really sleek with a sensitive touch screen. The IP68 glass is glossy and the details are really crisp in the HD display.

It has got two switches to route between the screens and is equipped with a strong battery which works for 6-7 days, when tested this by wearing it all day long. The display automatically goes off after a couple of seconds. Bringing it in front of your eyes turns the display back on without lag. If you want to turn on/off displays manually, you can do so by pressing the right button. It also has a brightness adjustment feature which adjusts to varying lighting environments.

The YAMAY smartwatch is full of features that you aren’t even aware of when buying. It tracks your heart rate, the quality of your sleep time, stopwatch and timer, alarms and 14 different sport modes of operation. And it also has a ‘relax’ feature that you can use after workouts.

Having all the cool features and also being dust and waterproof is what makes this gadget a must-have for this price. Works great while swimming and the glass is very strong. It should be able to handle typical wear and tear during heavy workouts. This is the best smartwatch for first-timers to get started with and give a smartwatch a go.

Finally, the watchband with double hooks is very secure and the size of the watch itself is very comfortable to wear. The watchband itself is replaceable, which can be done by switching the clicker on each band on the smartwatch.


It gets connected to the Bluetooth devices very easily (at least with our Android device). The pedometer displays the calories burnt, steps walked distance pace and the time you covered during your workout – which is all the information you need from a fitness tracker. Furthermore, it can be easily connected to your phone to view the GPS positioning or route used when running or cycling.

It works great for the message alerts that come on to the phone on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, or native messaging apps that are used by most iOS and Android phones.


The screens are easy to navigate with logical swipes and clicks with the two side buttons. The fitness tracking features can be used by the VeryFitPro app that can be found in AppStore or Google Play. The app is very user-friendly and is not clunky like many applications out there. The app is self-explanatory and gives you a dashboard with current information that is updated every time you open the app. Here you will have the ability to set alarms, look at historical charts, graphs and data for all your activities, such as sleep and heart rate monitoring.

Unfortunately, the smartphone does not track blood pressure, which is understandable for this price range. It does have an alarm mode that will notify with vibration and a message on the screen. The same would naturally happen when receiving a message or a phone calls if set up in the settings menu.

One nifty feature for office workers is a reminder to move if you have been sitting for too long. Furthermore, you should be able to pair this with Spotify (we have not tried other music apps) and gives you the ability to control music and volume.

This is a top-rated smartwatch getting 4.5/5 stars on Amazon. Taking into account all the features that the YAMAY smartwatch possesses, it comes at a very low price.

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This could perhaps be left unsaid, but one of the best features from a smartwatch is that you can receive texts and call alerts, which can be viewed on your watch. You no longer have to look at your phone for notifications every time your phone vibrates or pings. And you can decline calls right from the watch, which makes it easier than having to rely on your phone to do that! For example, when driving or when in a meeting.

Conclusion and gallery

Don’t get us wrong. This is not an Apple Watch or a Samsung Galaxy Watch, or other high value watch currently on the market. It is not meant to be either. After all, the price difference of almost 10x would not be justifiable for brand recognition only.

Nevertheless, this watch is full of useful features. One recently imagined scenario is for, for example, patients with heart conditions, where having this kind of smartwatch can become a necessity for their safety precisely because it can continuously monitor their heart rate. They will be amazed by the features it offers and that we have laid out above – music control, call and texts notification, notifications for apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook and so on.

Most importantly, this is a smartwatch with fitness tracker capabilities. It has 14 different exercise modes, from treadmill running to cycling to yoga to dancing, you can switch to any one of these modes to track the exercises specific to your lifestyle. The YAMAY smartwatch is definitely worth the price and one of the best investments in this price category.

Key Features Of YAMAY Smart Watch

  • Affordable, elegant and the HD resolution on a 1,3″ display
  • Very good battery life in this price category (in our daily usage test this should last 6-7 days), which is higher than higher value smartwatches that we have seen
  • Charging time is only 2 hours
  • Call and app alert notifications
  • Straps are changeable. These guys have designed user-friendly connectors for the hassle-free removal of strap.
  • Accuracy in fitness activities like pedometer and heart rate is approximately 90%. This is not at all bad and is brought down primarily due to a wide range of measurements.
  • Slick and comfortable strap made of smooth silicone
  • IP68 certified, and thus dust and waterproof so it can be worn while swimming or in heavy rain
  • Tracks nearly everything: steps, calories burnt, 24/7 heart rate, all the way to your sleeping stages (and quality)
  • Speaking of sleep, the YAMAY smartwatch has a vibration only alarms (so your Significant Other or baby is not bothered), with 10 different vibrations
  • It has 14 exercise modes: running, cycling, badminton, football, basketball, yoga, dancing, trekking, hiking and more
  • It has 4 clock faces. All are great!
  • For women, it has Female Health Tracker and Reminder which can be used to manage the menstrual cycle for example
  • Music control (like Spotify)
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