Wearlink Heart Rate Monitor

Wearlink Heart Rate Monitor

It was only a matter of time before the sports bra found another function. The sports bra has been quietly waiting for a high tech upgrade. Sure the sports bra has seen design improvements and has been made out of numerous materials over the years but recently the sports bra has been injected with some high tech gadgetry that allows a women to monitor her heart with out having to use the typical strap that can be especially annoying and uncomfortable for women.

For those women who are running hours at a time. One of the biggest complaints of the heart rate monitors is that the strap is uncomfortable and can leave marks from excessive running. It appears that the sports bra has solved this solution. It may be so much more comfortable that men may want to start wearing sports bras.

Wearlink Heart Rate Monitor

A company has found a way to put the electronics into the fabric of the bra. The company is NuMetrex, which specializes in integrating electronics into spandex fabrics. The company designed the bra to work with Polar WearLink system the goes into a special pouch in the bra.

There is no need for the standard strap that users are accustomed to wearing. It seems that this should give women an edge up on the men for comfort when it comes to wearing a heart rate monitor. Women who tested this bra seemed to find the bra very comfortable especially when compared to the past style of having to wear a strap around the chest. The one down side seems to be cost. The bra can add up to $100 dollars to the cost of heart rate monitor system.

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The sports bra heart rate monitor system is really pretty simple idea, it’s surprising that something like this has not appeared before. There are sensors in the bra that detect the women’s heartbeat and then instantly relay it to the link transmitter in the front of the bra. The information then is simultaneously beamed to the heart rate monitor watch where the athlete can get real time stats on their heart rate and other critical information to their workout.

Many times this data can be transferred to the computer where you can track your progress. These Heart rate monitor watches also can link up with gym equipment with treadmills and other equipment build for heart monitor linking. Right now the bra is limited to certain heart rate monitor watches. It’s only a matter of time before the bra is compatible with more brands and models.

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