Timex Personal Heart Rate Monitor

Timex Personal Heart Rate Monitor

People who place a priority upon being physically fit understand the relationship between health and activity.   There is a medical and technical thought process that is purely scientific with all of the data and cause/ effect relationships that are related to fitness and training.

A Timex heart rate monitor can be a useful aid to understanding how effective your workout is. This device is worn in the same way a wristwatch is, but is filled with features and optional add-ons that will keep an accurate record of each fitness activity and the statistics that are pertinent.

Timex Personal Heart Rate Monitor

In addition to the ability to track your heart rate during your workout, the Timex heart rate monitor also has the option to add a GPS feature. There are data recorders available that will then download the data from the monitor to the user’s computer via USB.

The addition of this kind of information to the serious athlete’s training regimen can give them the edge they need to hit that next level of fitness. This is a great way to track your progress towards the goals you’ve set.

Other features included in the various models of the Timex heart rate monitor include alarms that can be set daily or weekly, countdown timers and variable intensity interval timers. Whether your workout is a daily routine that needs a little help, or your an elitist in the world of fitness, there are options for tracking your cardio data that are not only stylish, but offer medical precision as well.

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The wristwatch style makes these monitors easy to use and they are all built to last with water resistance in most models. Most of the models can be see in low light and many have an indiglo night light. You can determine just how much progress you’ve made during each workout with the monitor, which will provide you with evidence that your cardio fitness is improving.

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