Talking Heart Rate Monitors

Talking Heart Rate Monitors

Lets talk now about taking your workouts to a next level. If that means having a personal trainer who can motivate and guide you during your workout we are reaching a point. A talking heart rate monitor is just another personal fitness trainer, at least for those who cannot really afford the personal trainer.

It is a talking device to keep you updated on your heart rate and will help you in taking your workout to a next level. The talking heart rate monitor has the usual chest strap but it comes with a pair of earphones instead of a watch monitor. You can hear your heart rate in your ear at regular intervals instead of reading the details fro the watch face, which sometimes is difficult to comprehend during workouts.

A talking heart rate monitor is a very useful device and at the same time very easy to use with virtually no programming involved. It is as simple as attach and use. It guides you through setup procedures and announces your progress through simple voice prompts. It measures heart rate and sounds an alert in case you go above or below your heart rate thresholds. It easily and accurately calculates your heart rate target zone based on your exercise type.

A talking heart rate monitor is meant to monitor fitness levels through smart training programs that include warm-up, exercise and recovery.  In all, the talking heart rate monitor is very useful in simplifying and motivating you the next level of workout.

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