Polar Sports Bra for Women’s Strapless Heart Rate Monitor

Polar Sports Bra for Women’s Strapless Heart Rate Monitor

The popular phrase ‘cannot see the woods for the trees’ means to be unable to understand what is important in a situation because one is paying too much attention to details. Truly it seems that this phrase is most apt in the case of women’s sports bras that can integrate a heart rate monitor. It really is amazing that it took so long for someone to realize that when it came to designing specifically a women’s strapless heart rate monitor, a brilliant if not perfect solution was staring them in the face all along.

Polar Sports Bra for Womens Strapless Heart Rate Monitor

Women’s sports bras have been around long enough and so have strapless heart rate monitors but it has only been since the mid noughties (the years between 2000 and 2010) that a combined product has been on the market.This sports bra made by the leading sport performance brand Polar, has the electronic HR sensing technology integrated into its fabric and offers a new level of comfort to women wishing to monitor their performance while they exercise. – Sports Bra

  • Comfortable sports bra with built-in heart rate sensing technology
  • No-slip shoulder straps, flat seams, and adjustable back closure
  • Supports Wearlink transmitter, Polar training computers, and other HR equipment
  • Use your Polar sports bra in combination with the ‘WearLink’ transmitter shown left (the small black box – the chest strap is not needed but comes as standard with most Polar watches).
Polar Sports Bra for Women

Once this is in place, the whole spectrum of Polar HRM watches are open to you to choose from which is great news since Polar make some fantastic heart rate monitors like the FT4F shown here. It’s a bra after all, so it feels really comfortable and natural with no-slip shoulder straps, flat seams that minimize chaffing, an adjustable back closure and a polyester/ spandex fabric blend that wicks away moisture as you exercise.

The ‘sporty’ part ensures high-impact support for A, B and C cup wearers with a seamless cup that’s notably smooth under the shirt. The bra is even machine-washable. With the Polar sports bra, their ‘WearLink’ transmitter simply snaps directly into the special compartment at the front of the bra, eliminating the need for a separate heart rate monitoring chest strap and all the headaches that go with it.

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The sensors in the fabric pick up the wearer’s heart beat and relay it to the WearLink transmitter in the front of the bra which in turn transmits the heart rate information to the heart rate monitoring watch. The beauty of this solution is that in reality you are getting all the benefits of a wired HRM that ordinarily comes with a chest strap which most importantly is continuous heart rate data. The funny thing is that this is effectively a chest strap but it doesn’t feel like one. It feels like a bra and we’re all used to that right?

With a Polar sports bra, the whole spectrum of Polar’s fantastic HRM watches is therefore available to you as well as being able to transmit into compatible gym equipment. And by using Polar’s Flowlink device, you can directly channel the data behind every heart beat of yours into their online tracking website polarpersonaltrainer.com.

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When one considers that there are no other Polar strapless heart rate monitor watches, this pseudo-strapless heart rate monitor for women is nothing short of engineering brilliance. Men should be jealous!

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