Polar Heart Rate Monitor Instructions

Polar Heart Rate Monitor Instructions

Polar heart rate monitors are surely gaining popularity in the present times due to the sudden spurt in the endurance activities and sports such as walking, running or cycling.

People who indulge in strength training too use these heart rate monitors to correctly find out the cardiac rate while performing active sets. It is important to be able to measure the heart rate while workout as it enables you to know the ideal recovery duration.

The recovery period is not the same for all people as all bodies have a different constitutional makeup. People who regularly indulge in workout such as cycling and playing other sports usually have lower heart rates while working out while beginners at the gym would have higher heart rates.You should not be de motivated by this fact due to the fact that as times passes your cardiorespiratory endurance will surely improve if you consistently follow the training program.

Polar Heart Rate Monitor For Women

You will find various kinds of Polar heart rate monitors however basically all of them function on the same operating principles. A couple of models do have some extra features however the basic features will be found in all the Polar heart rate monitors.

Hence basically it is irrelevant if you own a basic monitor or a costly one as they function in almost the same manner. In case you have already bought a Polar heart rate monitor then you can immediately begin to use it. Read on to know the detailed instructions for the same.

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To start off, you need to attach the strap to transmitter module and then locate the electrodes or contact points of heart rate monitor. You need to wet these by applying a little water to it.This step should not be forgotten because in case you fail to do so the heart rate monitor will not give you accurate results. While attaching the heart rate monitor you should make sure that the logo is towards you.

Usually the regular straps stretch around 6 inches in length, however the bigger ones are capable of stretching up to 54 inches. A couple of shorter traps which are made to fit the chest usually stretch around 32 inches. There are also extra large straps which are created to cater to people whose weight exceeds more than 240 pounds.

The Polar heart rate monitor is split into two distinct parts. One is the transmitter while the other is the receiver. You usually keep the transmitter around the chest while the receiver is used to show the heart rate. When you are using this device for the first time you need to place the transmitter close to the receiver.

By doing this you’ll reset the device and will lead the modules to start the calculation and begin to display the present heart rate. Ensure that you see a tiny heart shaped symbol on the display screen of the receiver.

In case you find this symbol flashing at regular intervals then you can be sure that you are getting correct readings of the heart rate. But in case the heart symbol flashes irregularly then you may have to moisten the electrodes or the contact points.

In case you possess a Polar heart rate monitor instructions with an alarm feature then you can always set the daily alarm after you press both the buttons on receiver at the same time. Once you have done this you can press the right or the left button so that you are able to change the time. You can use this to enable or disable the feature as well.

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