Polar FT60 Men’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch Review

Polar FT60 Men’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch Review

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Its no secret. Only a few people really want to exercise. The task has to be one of the hardest ever. Losing weight just to get in shape only worsens with each effort that you exert. And in a way, the more you get tired, the more you are bound to quit on the task at hand.

Polar FT60 Mens Heart Rate Monitor

The best thing that one can do might be to just give up and hope to God that you lose some of your pounds in a matter of time. And no matter how you put it, more opportunities in life are given to those who look and feel good. Its not a sort of discrimination to those who have too much weight in them. That’s just how it is. And in this case, it is so important that you do everything possible to lose weight.

With that in mind, there is only one way that you can actually get the burn that you have been longing for. And for such, this device will make it a continuous cycle for you to get fit. The Polar FT60 heart rate monitor is the latest in a line of great devices of its kind. It is an upgrade from past models and will prove that with a great workout, a great tag-along device needs to come as well. This Polar FT60 review will prove this point.

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The Specifics

The Polar FT60 is a work of art. It is filled with a lot of useful gadgets that can be beneficial to any user who wants to get the most of their exercises. When you go outside and you take that lap around the park for your morning, do you actually get a gauge on what you are doing and how many calories youre burning?

With the Polar FT60, you get the best of everything. It starts with the Polar Star program which quickly provides you with the information necessary to determine how much you can withstand during an exercise. This is a crucial part of the program, as the watch sees to it that you get the right amount of burn at all times. In a way, the watch will become your guide all throughout the weeks that you do your exercises.

Polar FT60 Mens Heart Rate Monitor Watch Review

The Polar FT60 does so by recording the statistics and then making use of all the info in terms of the kinds of exercises that you should be doing every day. And then theres the heart rate monitor, which tracks the beat of your heart in so many ways. This is through beats per minute, a target zone for the number of beats in a day and the maximum heart rate. If anything is seen wrong in terms of the heart indications, the T60 quickly starts an alarm to warn you.

The Polar Functions

Some of the other features of the PolarFT60 include the different Polar functions. The ZonePointer is a feature that shows how much more you need to go. That average level to which you need to put your heart rate on will become the gauge and target for your exercises. The Polar OwnCal shows you how much burn you have achieved when it comes to the exercises that you do.

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This is essentially what you need when looking for a target amount of burn during a course of the day. In fact, with the Polar FT60, you can even make a calorie account in terms of how many calories you need to burn in a week. And finally there’s the Polar OwnZone mode. It gives you the power to identify how much you need to actually burn during a span of time. The watch is functioning in a way that it will tell you if the target can actually be possible.

Other Functions

The Polar FT60 has been specifically made to accompany you in your workouts, as well as give you other gadgets that you can use even while you are not running around or in a gym exercising.  The G1 GPS sensor makes for a great companion when you are lost. The Owncode mode helps you and the watch as well in terms of discerning the heart rates that are being identified.

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The Polar FlowLink connection, which will make it easier for you to transfer all the information from your watch to your PC, is also a great function from the Polar FT60. Other features aside from the clock functions itself are the built-in fitness test and a recording mode that can get over 100 files of information.The Polar T60 is water resistant under 30 meters. It comes in a sturdy black casing and a white display monitor.

People have been raving about how better this watch is than any other in the rest of the field. And whats so great about it is that the watch is deemed smart and can pretty much function on its own. This makes it one of the best heart rate monitor that you can have because it can answer to whatever you need while exercising. One particular Polar T60 review indicated how the watch was able to track the progress of his workout and set a maximum fitness goal for him to reach. Users also love how very easy it is to read the information on the screen.

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Although in some cases, the watch seems to be doing more than it should. The alarm function, particularly when the heart rate was down, seemed a bit annoying sometimes because it is sensitive. Plus, there’s the fact that due to the number of functions, it tends to be overwhelming for people who just want to have their rate read. And then, there are the little things like the band. One watch review particularly loathed how uncomfortable it is to have the band sticking to the skin when sweat gets onto it.

Polar FT60 Overall

For someone who wants to track his or her workouts in a detailed manner, the Polar FT60 is the one for you. The warranty is a great way to gauge if you can actually last through days of using this. Indeed, this is your ultimate workout companion to keep you motivated.

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