What You Need To Know About The Strapless Heart Rate Monitor

What You Need To Know About The Strapless Heart Rate Monitor

When choosing a strapless heart rate monitor there are some things to take into consideration before making a decision. The traditional heart monitor watch has always used a chest strap to secure it in a position that will allow accurate heart rate readings to be transmitted to a watch or some other display device. These units are still available and come in many styles and designs; they also offer many different features and functionality.

The strapless heart rate monitor doesn’t use the chest strap systems and instead uses technologically advanced sensor probes that once pressed against the skin, can provide accurate heart rate readings that can be safely stored in a database built right into the device itself. Using this device will also allow you to be free of any obstructions and really allow you to enjoy your workout without feeling restrained in any way.

The chest strap design itself is uncomfortable and very cumbersome, when using it during a good workout, the need to adjust and readjust happens more times than not. If you are working out with a chest strap design and it slips out of place, chances are you will lose important information about your workout session. Using a chest strap also requires you to apply a gel or cream to the probe itself to allow a better contact with the skin. If you are looking for the greatest benefit of using a chest strap design, there really aren’t any.

How Does A Strapless Heart Rate Monitor Work?

A strapless monitor works quite a bit different wherein, you mount this device on your wrist instead of around your chest. The sensitive probe sensors located on the back of the device will give you instant readings to your device, and with no gel or cream required. The strapless heart rate monitor will allow you more additional features than a traditional chest strap system. All the information needed is at your finger tips and can be executed by a simple touch.

The benefits of using a strapless heart monitor are many but the main benefit is not wearing the bulky chest strap. You are finished using gels and creams, and your exercises can start when you are ready and not after installing the chest devise. You also can wear your strapless heart rate monitor as a normal watch, allowing you the freedom to pick and choose when and where you would like to exercise, and drop the need to bring all that heart monitoring gear with you.

There are many different designs and styles of strapless heart rate monitors available, and finding one to fit your needs shouldn’t be difficult at all.  Start by making a list of the features that you really need, then maybe the features that you would like.  The less features on the watch the more affordable they.  So ask yourself what you really need the watch to do for you?

Our Strapless Heart Rate Monitor Tips

If you are a member of a gym or have your own personal trainer, then seek their advice about which model they think would be ideal for you and your body. You will find that many people at your gym now use some form of heart rate monitoring while working out so have a chat with them and find out their experiences of their own strapless heart rate monitors, what they like about them and also any other features that they would have liked. And if you are under any medical supervision then your advisor should be able to help you out here also.

Make sure that whatever model you choose that you can change the battery yourself.  If you cannot and have to bring it to a specialist or send it away to be changed, then check out the cost of this, how long it usually takes and factor this into your decision making process.

You simply need to find a watch that has the features you feel you’ll need as well as a watch that fits you comfortably. If you plan on increasing your exercise program or workout routines you may want to find a strapless heart rate monitor that is fully featured, although you may not use all the features now you can use them as you progress in your routines.

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