Best Strapless Heart Rate Monitor For Women

Best Strapless Heart Rate Monitor For Women

I know that many women in particular have a dislike for chest straps because they can feel especially uncomfortable for them. Given that the MIO Motiva is my choice of best strapless HRM watch, what else could the best strapless heart rate monitor for women be other than the MIO Motiva Petite which is specially designed with a thinner strap.

Available in some lovely feminine colors, there is the classic hot pink but if this is a bit too striking for your fancy, you can go with grey and black models as well. Read more about it here in my MIO Motiva Strapless HRM Watch Review.

Best Strapless Heart Rate Monitor Watch For Women – MIO Motiva Petite

MIO Motiva Petite
  • Stylish heart rate monitor watch
  • On demand ECG heart reading without chest strap
  • Patented Diet Diary allows tracking of calorie intake and burn
  • 5 exercise timers
  • Time, date and alarm
  • 12/24 hour clock with date and weekday

Sports Bras For Women

There is one other interesting choice however when it comes to strapless heart rate monitors for women. Fundamentally, the problem with chest straps is that it increases the amount of equipment you need to carry with you to the gym and it can be a pain to wear whilst exercising. Compound that with trying to fit it on under your sports bra and you start wondering whether its all worth it.

Polar Sports Bra for Womens Strapless Heart Rate Monitor

Well what if you could combine the chest strap into your sports bra? Effectively you are still doing away with the chest strap and instead are turning your sports bra which you may wear anyway into a heart rate monitoring device as well. Sounds great to me and the Polar heart rate monitoring sports bra featured below is a great option.The brilliant part about all this is that you can avail not only continuous heart rate monitoring but also of Polar’s superb range of heart rate monitor watches.

Click here to read my Polar Strapless HRM Sports Bra Review.

Polar Strapless Heart Rate Monitor Sports Bra for Women

  • Comfortable sports bra with built-in heart rate sensing technology
  • No-slip shoulder straps, flat seams, and adjustable back closure
  • Supports Wearlink transmitter, Polar training computers, and other HR equipment

Use your Polar sports bra in combination with the ‘WearLink’ transmitter shown left (the small black box – the chest strap is not needed but comes as standard with most Polar watches).

Once this is in place, the whole spectrum of Polar HRM watches are open to you to choose from which is great news since Polar make some fantastic heart rate monitors like the FT4F.

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